photography / visual design - 2020

“IDFA has visited many unusual locations in Amsterdam, but this is certainly our first time at the gym. Visitors gather in groups of 26 for a philosophical spinning class. Through his work, writer and theater maker Bart van de Woestijne creates spaces to think and experience in which he, together with the audience, attempts to grapple with life’s big questions.

Each participant receives a heart-rate monitor that is connected to a speaker, so everyone’s heartbeat can be heard loud and clear. And then you start pedaling, led by the seemingly tireless fitness instructor Luit Bakker. As the heartbeats predictably accelerate, and everyone approaches their physical limits, you inevitably find yourself contemplating deeper matters: movement and stillness, strength and vulnerability, the finite and the infinite. Can you accept that your body is uncontrollable? That it might not even be yours at all?”

These campaign impages were created for Oxygen Debt: a philosophical spinning class by theater maker Bart van de Woestijne


werkplaats van de woestijne
bart van de woestijne
willemijn hoogenberg
afke van ast
nikita oldert
luit bakker

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